Partners’ Plans for next year in AIM-WEST

-MWE annotation: release of the corpus soon (after verifications, etc)
-MWE translation: smarter approaches ; collab with UFRGS ; add compositionality features into the SMT model… apply this to one or two language pairs
-Deep Multilingual Parsing: with Pablo & Helena (LIG-UFScar)
-Monolingual identification of MWEs
-Could be integrated into SMT (maybe try to work on the shared task data)
-SOme collegues at LIF work on lexical simplification,  this could be a future activity
-Consolidate the internship student’s work
-Parsing MWEs
-Deep multilingual parsing
-Automatically extracting lists of bilingual MWEs
-(need to talk more with Helena)
-Distributionnal models for MWE extraction
-Applications: simplification,
-Interest in resources that have been developed in the project
WE SHOULD THINK ABOUT THE NEXT PROJECT (renew this kind of project? cafes-cofecub?)