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Final AIM-WEST Workshop will be held in Grenoble (3-4 Oct)

See details here

(The workshop is joint with PARSEME-FR WS)

The AIM-WEST 2015 short report for CNRS can be downloaded from HERE.

The AIM-WEST project was presented during LICIA Workshop on Oct 23d 2015.






-MWE annotation: release of the corpus soon (after verifications, etc)
-MWE translation: smarter approaches ; collab with UFRGS ; add compositionality features into the SMT model… apply this to one or two language pairs
-Deep Multilingual Parsing: with Pablo & Helena (LIG-UFScar)
-Monolingual identification of MWEs
-Could be integrated into SMT (maybe try to work on the shared task data)
-SOme collegues at LIF work on lexical simplification,  this could be a future activity
-Consolidate the internship student’s work
-Parsing MWEs
-Deep multilingual parsing
-Automatically extracting lists of bilingual MWEs
-(need to talk more with Helena)
-Distributionnal models for MWE extraction
-Applications: simplification,
-Interest in resources that have been developed in the project
WE SHOULD THINK ABOUT THE NEXT PROJECT (renew this kind of project? cafes-cofecub?)

The program of 2d AIM-WEST Workshop in Porto-Alegre is now online !!

An annotation guide for MWE annotation, as well as a paper has been put online on the publication page – see the links below

  1. Agnès Tutin “Annotation guidelines for multi-word expressions“. Scientific Report – AIM-WEST. 2015. Annotation guidelines for MWE_20_april_2015
  2. Agnès Tutin, Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier, Manolo Iborra, Justine Reverdy “Annotation of multiword expressions in French” Proceedings of Conference EUROPHRAS2015 –  Malaga, Spain, 1-2 July 2015. Europhras2015_Tutin_et_al_vfinale

Draft Planning

20 and 21 October – AIM-West workshop – Possible presentations
*Laurent Besacier –
1 or 2 presentations  (work done at LIG in the framework of AIMWEST)
TUTORIAL – Intro course about ASR for Master (and under-gradutate students ?) :  2 hours course with a break – show some resources and tools) – afternoon of the 21st
*Carlos Ramisch – work on MWEs
*Isabelle Tellier – present the work of the intership student

*Helena Caseli – cannot come but would give her slides to Laurent (they co-supervised a student this summer)
*Someone from UFSCAR – see if we can find funding for a student ?

*Viviane Moreira – focused crawling
*Marco Idiart – Distributional thesaurus
*Rodrigo Wilkens – Simplification architecture

22 and 23 October
LICIA workshop – 1 day dedicated to talk about projects related to LICIA
*1 joint general talk to present AIM-WEST – Laurent and Aline
*1 talk about smart cities
*1 talk by Viviane Moreira (multilingual IR?)

*some talks about HPC (other project between LIG and UFRGS)

All the training/testing material (with baseline LIG system outputs) has been made available on (thanks to Zied Elloumi) :

(this is a non permanent link – so please download this before April 15th)
READMEs are now both in French and English – Basically we provide train/dev/test data for Fr-En SMT ; including corpora with higher density of MWEs and some of them with MWE annotation on the source side ; the evaluation script is also made available so that we all use the same one…
We’ll have internship student that will analyze the SMT errors on these corpora and they will start in May… So early May can be a (informal) deadline for us to submit systems output