– Concrete dates, cities and participants for the project kick-off meeting, end of October – beginning of November in Brazil
28th of October is a day off in Brasil, so we could have:
29-31 Oct : 3days meeting in San Carlos
travelling from San Carlos to Porto Alegre during the week-end
3-5 Nov: 3 days meeting in Porto Alegre (Aline will not be here)
-Paris meeting in May (22?) for thos who can attend
Meeting in Paris on May 22d / full day
Morning: Carlos, Thierry, Aline (laurent will join for lunch)
Afternoon : Laurent, Carlos, Aline

– Web presence, page for collaboration ideas brainstorming
will be available soon !!
– Missions of Brazilian researchers/students to France this year (?)
(sorry i probably mispell the names)
Kassius (Master Student) : in June or September (working on corpora , extraction, etc.)
Vicari …
– news from FAPERGS (?)
money was cut by half (not received yet)
SLSP conference in grenoble in October