May 3d, 2016 – Short Skype meeting

AIM-WEST MEETING – May 3d 2016

Participants: Isabelle Tellier, Mathieu Constant, Carlos Ramisch, Laurent Besacier, Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier, Aline Villavicencio, Helena Caseli

  1. France=>Brasil exchanges this year
-Zhao Zilong from Polytech’ Grenoble will work with Aline and Laurent on Brazilian Portuguese ASR (arrives soon at UFRGS)
-Carlos will stay in UFRGS in July-August 2016 + 1 visitor to be funded on AIM-WEST (student or one permanent research from LIF)
-Helena will send a Master student to LIF / and maybe to Grenoble too
  1. Brasil=>France travels this year
-Helena may come to france in Oct-Nov (during LICIA and AIMWEST workshops)
-from UFRGS, Aline will not be able to come at this period, but Viviane and Sylvio will
-Aline may use an un-expected source of income to come to France before June 2016 (!!)
  1. 3d (and last) AIM-WEST workhop
LICIA workshop will be in Grenoble this year between 27th oct and 3d nov 2016 (exact dates unknown) ;
Final date for AIM-WEST will be decided in july once we know the exact date of LICIA workshop !!!!!
We could have a joint event with ANR PARSEME project
In Marseille or Paris or Grenoble ?
Aline suggests a workshop format with extended abstracts and poster/lectures + invited speaker
=> another skype meeting will be organized in July to finish set up of the 3d AIM-WEST workshop …
4. Follow-up of AIM-WEST
CAPES-COFECUB ? deadline to be checked for 2016 – see
ANR-FAPESP –   see if there is a call in 2017 …  end of October deadline ?  …(UFRGS not elligible)
Topic of future project
-semantic ressources & distributionnal semantics
-question the complementarity of lexico-semantic resources like wordnet/dbnary and distributionnal semantics approaches such as word embeddings
-use cases : cross-lingual plagiarism detection // multilingual text simplification // MT evaluation metrics // WSD  //  semantic labelling
Finally, I also recall that you can add your aim-west publications to the following link: