audioconf meeting 21 January 2015

Participants: I. Tellier, T. Poibeau (LATTICE), A. Villavicencio (UFRGS), C. Ramisch (LIF), L. Besacier, C. Boitet (LIG)
1) Round table of each partner’s activity :
LIG : annotating MWE on French (Agnès) and guidelines for evaluation of MWE Translation (Emmanuelle) – Preparing data to be shared by all AIM-WEST partners (Zied, Laurent)
Laurent asked if 2keuros of 2015 budget could be used for funding internship in Grenoble (ok from the other French partners – thanks !)…
LIF : never ending MWE extraction (SylvioAlexandre supervised by Carlos and Helena) ; playing with syntax-based / hierarchical  MT systems (based on Moses) ; systran 7 is an option (but who ?) ;
LATTICE :    Isabelle has candidates for his Master internship with Mathieu Constant (final candidate not chosen yet – can be funded by AIM-WEST)
UFRGS :  Co-supervising a student with Carlos (Silvio) on compound nouns + Initiating collaboration with Nuria on text simplification for compound nouns;
2) Others
Publications : put them on the aim-west website and do not forget the acknowledgements in the text of the papers
Next : data shared by LIG in 1 month maximum ; a doodle will be send at this moment for organizing a specific meeting on the shared task

Aline’s notes

Laurent: Data preparation for shared Task, which could run in June/July. Data will probably be ready in 1 month time

Agnes: annotation of diff categories of MWEs

Emmanuelle: evaluation guidelines for errors in MWE translation

Internship: MWE annotation in French and translation in English (starting in May). Cost of 2000 Euros.

Christian: extracting idioms for translation for Portuguese and French with Paltonio

Isabelle: work with Matthieu Constant – labelling nested MWEs and learning by ML techniques.

Internship: evaluating possible candidates for 4-6 months internship.

Carlos: joint supervision of Silvio (PhD student) with Alexis and Aline of PhD work on compound noun compositionality. Planning work on translation for shared task.

Helena and Carlos: supervision of student on never-ending learning.

Aline: work with Carlos on annotation of compositionality and synonymy of compound nouns in English and Portuguese. Work with Kassius (Master student) work on bilingual MWE extraction.

Viviane: work with Carlos, Aline and Bruno (Master student) work on MWE-based focused crawling of comparable corpora.

*Plan for the 2nd Workshop on Multi-word Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology (MUMTTT 2015)
*Add project related publications to website
*Explicitly acknowledge project for publication to count

Budget: with internships French budget of 10000 Euros would leave enough money for 3 trips to Brazil for October meeting